Private Nights

by Dave Bao Bao

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released December 28, 2016

thnks ervyone whop madr this haopen



all rights reserved


Dave Bao Bao Memphis, Tennessee

Dave Bao Bao is ...

1. David Bao

2. David J. Bao

3. Bananas

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Track Name: Welcome to Private Nights
private nights alone again

see the lights outside

sapped my thoughts I lie awake

I replay the day
Track Name: Recap
i think I

know what to do


it'll make it right

don't think twice

just let the kid inside

work it and decide

there's nothin

more debilitating

than a daily fight

so I unwind

Down by the river side

there's something strange about you

please think of me with out you

you're in my bedroom floatin just the same

I remember the first time

your words reversed my outside

why can't we just align again and stay
Track Name: App Love
app love


app love


lost feelings

stopped readings

it's under

its old now

it's old now

app love

no worries

they tell me

you'll hurt me

it's simple

it's hurried

just talking

just buried

app love

don't mistake me

these girls

they tryna fake me

i can't

shake the feeling

but still

play it anyway
Track Name: TIles
tell me

where i am

i'm in the sheets

i'm dead

there was she

all said

it means to me

Track Name: Tug
it started understood

nothing more but fun

but it wasn't enough

so I just washed it out

decided to cut town

forget I was around

and then I hit the turns

circling the ground

repeating till i'm down

I ran from the tug in hopes to forget

all the pain and all the regret

but when I came it all felt the same

just unwind it's all they could say

how am I not satisfied

it feels so right but the right kind

back and forth straight out the door

these walls can't handle much more
Track Name: I Tried it And

im deep in my mind

ya don't understand thatchya wasting your time


i give it away

care bout the shit that'll break me someday

so i'll sit here

but let's be clear

you're nothin more than that girl over there

i was tryin

not denyin

there was something

but it's nothing new

just another

got my number

yeah she's alright

tellin by street light

i'm not hurtin

i'm still searching

wasting my time

yeah it's all a lie
Track Name: Blood
can you see

all the blood on me

try to cry but i can't find the time

my head is churning pires for light

find out what's wrong let me kiss you goodnight
Track Name: DREAMzzz
swat at the feeling

but it won't relent

shut me up real quick

mad when i bite it

these things are changing

and their changing is good

you just can't see it

id be mad if you could


red green lips

grip on my lining

retrograde fire

plumes of straits dire

burn me with all

intensity clean

wish me luck baby

while i live my last dream